As a firm established by professionals with over ten years of experience in public accounting, Ligo Accountants offers full taxing and accounting services to its patrons.
With a personalized approach to each unique client, our representatives deliver a global strategy that addresses budget needs of individuals and small businesses.
The company is refined by high standards of integrity within a clearly organized and ethical structure. All provided services are monitored for accuracy and quality in customer assistance.
Ligo Accountants utilizes its collective company experience in the medical, retail, construction, non-profit and transportation industry to create a valuable service and to ensure that each client receives a fully integrated method that serves their individual needs.
Ligo Accountants firm was established in 2011 with the main office located in Chicago.
Representatives of Ligo strive to take an active role in a growing community and seek to address present issues of its members. The company was built on values of sharing information and passing knowledge to promote a lawful taxing and accounting practice.
Our employees are fully trained to provide tools and assistance to our clients.

At Ligo, we wish to create better opportunities and better results for all community members at an affordable price.