The best approach to a taxing practice is a successful tax planning strategy.
This method helps to reduce your current and future tax, and it offers long term tax planning with a special consideration for your personal goals such as retirement, attending college or buying property.
At Ligo, we make the process easy, and we are available to answer your questions and assist you all year round with tax law changes. We are proud to serve W-2 employees, rental property owners, RE professionals, stock traders, self-employed workers, home owners, students and others.
Individual tax service is aligned with our company’s mission and follows high quality and ethical guidelines.
You may set up an appointment or discuss your taxes by calling or e-mailing Ligo Accountants. All necessary documents may be dropped off at our office or e-mailed. Generally, we work to have your tax return prepared in 3 business days.
We will ensure to review your return before it is filed.
As a part of tax planning, we may also adjust your payroll withholding