Ligo Accountants offers business tax preparation services for most businesses. We represent corporations, partnerships, LLCs, non-profit organizations, and condo associations. By following a simple formula, we ensure that business tax preparation runs smoothly and yields appropriate results. The process to effective business tax preparation contains three steps of collecting, evaluating and reviewing information.


Our employees collect all documents necessary for tax preparation. Whether you utilize an accounting system or prefer not to, we begin by reviewing your financial records. We identify and correct errors in all collected files. If you do not use a standard system, we use your bank and credit card statements to prepare your financial report.


After reviewing your statements, we look for potential tax deductions applicable to your business. It is important to us that you gain a strong understanding of your business and of the areas that contain possible deductions. With this in mind, you can plan your taxing practice more effectively for the following year.


Once your tax return is prepared, we will review it with you to make sure you have a full understanding of tax calculations. The objective is to gain an awareness of lawful IRS tax incentives to decrease tax liability in the future. We keep our office open all year round in order to assist you with any follow up questions or concerns.